A Different Calling

August 4, 2014


Vice President for the Loyola Schools

Ateneo de Manila University

Dear VP Vergara,

I am Roger Cabiles Jr and a current Student Affairs Professional of the Office for Social Concern and Involvement. I have been with Ateneo for more than 2 years and this year would be the time when I should be submitting requirements for my permanency. But I won’t be submitting those documents, instead, I am writing this letter to inform you, after careful discernment, that I won’t be applying for permanency.

I chose to work in Ateneo de Manila because I believe that forming the minds of the middle-class and the elite to be socially-aware and involved is needed to assist the development of our people from the bottom. I would want to breed a new set of ilustrados. Working with the students and my co-formators gave me a certain consolation that there is a continuous effort of forming our consciousness in line with our belief that we need a faith that does justice.

Two years and counting, I still stand by that but I feel that I have to respond to a different calling. Certain events helped me make up my mind to reach this decision. Formation entails a lot of experience working with the marginalized and I feel that my experience is not enough as I too, am in the process of forming the foundation of my life as a development worker. I also would not want to be a burden to my team and our office as I believe that there are better persons equipped with the right knowledge, experience and determination to do the job.

It is my hope that OSCI and Ateneo form men and women for others not just by expanding the bubble where Ateneans are but by popping it so our students can genuinely see, feel, engage and live the reality of society.

Maraming salamat sa OSCI at sa Ateneo sa pagututuro sa aking magmahal, magtaya at magpalaya.

Para sa bayan,




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