PicsArt_1369744398501_1Today is my 365th day in Ateneo. I chose this kind of job with high hopes that I can help form a new breed of ilustrados, that by facilitating the engagement of the youth and the marginalized sectors, they can go out of their comfort zones and be with the people, that through constant consciousness raising and immersions, we can have a unified call for respect for human dignity and collective action, regardless of class, towards genuine social change. And it is a struggle by itself.

I thank my OSCI-mates for the inspiration, and my InTACT-JEEPmates for the guidance. To my students, who have been the source of my frustrations and my hopes, excellence itself is not magis, doing more is not enough- unless you offer those things to someone or something greater than yourself, your circles, your dreams, only then you become more, only then it becomes magis. To you who helped me push myself, I won’t be where I am now if not for you being there always, thank you and sorry. I guess I should get used to moving forward on my own, for the better of us. To Ateneo, thank you for the opportunity. To the Oblation, thank you for the reminders. And more importantly to the people, to the ‘bayan’, to the ‘Other’- at the end of the day, it all boils down to being one of you, to fighting with you, and doing great things for you.

There are times I ask myself where am I most needed, where can I serve the most, where can I be most happy. Still, I don’t know. I’ll just work with what I have and go where the road leads me, or maybe go to somewhere less traveled, or better, make a road of my own.

Tomorrow, ends all that is less of me. Tomorrow, I continue dreaming. Tomorrow, I start a new year.


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